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Long-Haired Luigi - If I Fell, part 20 by mr-free-spirit Long-Haired Luigi - If I Fell, part 20 by mr-free-spirit
…& as The Year of Luigi Keeps on Truckin’ & Groovin', James Iha gets a spotlight! ;) Bowser - who of course has never been one to simply fall apart at the threat of battle - has obviously been *very* badly shaken by all of Mario's accusations. All that guilt, all his trying so hard not to give in to his temper, all his hopes for a new life in California, and especially his deep fear that Luigi might simply give up and toss him into the dumpster, is obviously taking a toll on him. And Mario looks like he's about to attack regardless! :O Oh, and by the way, the song used here is by James Iha and is from his wonderful debut solo album "Let It Come Down". Also known as "the George Harrison of The Smashing Pumpkins" back when he was with the group, James' lovely music is always a joy to the ear; if you dig grooves like The Eagles (of whom James is a fan) and classics like The Byrds, you seriously owe it to your soul's well being to check his stuff out! I can't find that particular album up on Spotify at the moment, but I did manage to locate a clip of this song I used on YouTube to help give your ears a taste: And, of course, you can purchase it at hot music stores everywhere and online, so what are you waiting for? ;) Peace, brothers and sisters! Peace! ;D #cartoon #videogame #videogames #surreal #surrealism #surrealist #psychedelic #psychedelicrock #trippy #hippy #hippie #hippies #hippielife #hippielove #hippiestyle #nintendo #mariobros #mario #luigi #yearofluigi #yearofluigi4ever #yearofluigineverends #love #peace #beauty #thesmashingpumpkins #bowser #sanfrancisco #bayarea #jamesiha
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